Friday, May 1, 2015

The Merry Month of May......

 May is here and we are in the home stretch for school. As of today there are only 35 more days of school! After the winter we had it is hard to imagine warm sun, green grass and the prospect of summer!! This is always a busy time of the year in the library as many teachers have projects we are working on together, AP exams begin next week and students are wrapping up the year! Here is hoping May is an exciting and WARM month!!

 "The school library functions as a vital instrument in the educational process, not as a separate entity isolated from the total school program, but involved in the teaching and learning process.”
(IASL: International Association of School Librarianship)


The above quote could not be more appropriate in today's educational world. With a strong library program comes students who graduate with a larger love of reading, strong research skills and a better ability to navigate through the vast array of information. With this in mind, I love when I am able to work with Mr. Cuoco on his philosophy's class Utopian Project. To me this demonstrates the perfect blend of classroom and library teachers blending their curriculum together! Students are asked to create their own Utopia based on what they have studied thus far in class and what they will find through research. The research stems from looking at Utopian societies, analyzing various forms of government and browsing through the many novels in the Utopian/Dystopian genre. It is great to look at the creativity and thought process students have on what they believe makes a strong Utopian government and society.

Blog Book of the Week

Station Eleven / Emily Mandel
This is a fascinating read on the downfall of society based on a pandemic that wiped out 90% of the universe and the struggle to build the world back. The story goes between the current time and how people are trying to survive and the character's lives prior to the pandemic. The characters feel real and you can feel the emotion and fear they have, living in such a desolate world and the struggle to remember what used to be.
Summary: In a future in which a pandemic has left few survivors, actress Kirsten Raymonde, having witnessed paparazzo-turned-EMT Jeevan Chaudhary try to save the life of actor Arthur Leander after he suffered a heart attack on stage, travels with a troupe performing Shakespeare and finds herself in a community in which a prophet will not let anyone leave alive. Includes subplots about Jeevan as he watches the world change from the pandemic and Arthur before his death.

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