Friday, May 26, 2017

Junior Book Awards

Congratulations to the juniors who received book awards Thursday. A breakfast ceremony was held in the library to honor our juniors who were recipients of the various awards. These students were thoughtful and articulate in their speeches. Proud of their accomplishments .

The Ones Who Paved the Way

As we move closer to graduation for the class of 2017, Ms. Williams decided to create a display to highlight past classes of Natick High. It is entertaining to watch students engrossed in the yearbooks from the past. Whether they are commenting on the wardrobe ("how could they wear that?!") the hairstyles, ("how could they wear that?!") or the events, ("they had what?!") they still saw the connection between their class and the ones who came before! 

Memorial Day

We would like to take this opportunity to celebrate and remember all those who have died while serving our country.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Reading is Alive and Well at NHS!

Who says students are not reading?!!

Only books left from donation!
Students poring over free books!
Having received a donation of five boxes of books, we decided to put the books out for students and staff to take. To say we were shocked at how quickly the books went is an understatement. Students were pouring over the books, taking many, and sharing which ones they thought looked interesting with their peers. It was exciting to see students enthusiastic about reading for the simple pleasure of reading!!!

Civil Rights In Action!

Ms. Hale's class is working on a Civil Rights Project. Really wanting to emphasis good research skills, students will be using books to locate and analyze information on their specific topics. While at first a little gun shy about the idea, students quickly appreciated the ease at which they could find information and break it down into their own ideas!

Friday, May 5, 2017

The Craft of Writing

Their Eyes Were Watching God Display

Ms. Roger's 11th grade English classes just finished reading Their Eyes Were Watching God and created some amazing visual displays to depict themes and ideas based on the story. The result were some fantastic projects!

Jennifer Rose McMahon Author Visit

Thursday we were honored to host local author and mother to Natick students, Jennifer Rose McMahon as she discussed writer's craft to Ms. Napier Bernstein's Creative Writing classes. Ms. McMahon just published her latest book, Bohermore! The classes were intrigued with her new book and asked great questions regarding her craft. It was a successful event! And Ms. McMahon autographed a copy of her book for Colin Edwards who couldn't wait to read her book! Thank you Ms. McMahon! It's great to see Natick in the news!