Friday, February 26, 2016

Bursting At the Seams!!!

The last three weeks have been a whirlwind of activity! Third team is is heavily researched based in many subjects so we are beyond busy in the library, and we love every minute of it! English classes in every grade are developing their research strategies for their research writing papers. Classes have been in the library to learn various search strategies. We have concentrated on how to effectively search in academic databases, using Google for academic sources and how to evaluate web sites.

In addition to English classes, this last week has been all about Chemistry. This is one of my favorite research projects we do at the high school. Students are allowed to choose any topic they are interested in researching as long as they can connect it to chemistry. There are few opportunities where students have the freedom to really dive into a topic they are passionate about. Topics have ranged from how music affects the brain to forensics to the implications of dish washing soap on our bodies. Students use a range of websites, databases and books to formulate their research and gather evidence to create a powerful paper.

Thanks to Ms. Carrick and Ms. Williams the library this year has been brimming with amazing displays. It has definitely increased book check outs, garnered many discussions and has brightened up the library considerably!