Friday, October 25, 2013

Preschoolers taking over the library!


Did you know the library has a preschool book collection? Last year when the new school opened, I worked with Marybeth Kinkead (Preschool Principal) and Linda Plachy (Child Growth Teacher) to establish a preschool collection to be used for preschool teachers, preschoolers and high school students in the child growth classes. The collection has grown considerably this year and currently there are four preschool classes that come to the library each week for story time with me. It is such a joy to read to the preschoolers, teach them some library skills and see their excitement regarding the books we read! Additionally, the high school students who are working in the preschool class are able to observe what it is like to read out loud to children, use the books for various projects they are completing in their classes and choose books they would like to read out loud to the preschoolers.  It has truly been an interdisciplinary union that has worked great for all involved! This week we are reading:

Mr. Bungles has overslept and is going to be late for school! Teachers are never supposed to be late! Mr. Bungles tries every way to get to school on time but nothing works.

Farmer Brown does not like Halloween but the animals on the farm sure do! He draws the shades and locks the door but down in the barn the Halloween Party has just begun!