Friday, December 23, 2016

Happy Holidays from the Library!!

We are wishing you all a wonderful holiday season and a relaxing and restful vacation. Take advantage of the time and read! We have some great books to get you through the vacation!!

Students are so excited about the weekly library trivia!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Puzzle Playdown

We are approaching the mid way point of second term and winter vacation. Students and staff have been working hard on paper and projects, teaching and studying. It is definitely the time of year where we are all in need of a little down time.
To support the notion
of relaxation and community building we have set up a puzzle station and a game station in the library! We are amazed and thrilled at how enthusiastic students have been! We have had to get more puzzles since the first one was completed in one day! 
On the game side, students challenged Mr. Russo to a game of Chess! You could see the brain power working hard as they each planned their strategy!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Terrifying in Massachusetts!

 The Weird and the Terrifying

If you liked to be spooked and like a little history along with it check out this list of terrifying Places in MA
Massachusetts Terrifying Places

And while you are at, We have this book in the library to continue the travels to the weird and spooky of MA!!!

Weird Massachusetts : your travel guide to the Bay State's local legends and best kept secrets
[by] Jeff Belanger ; foreword by Mark Sceurman and Mike Moran.

Massachusetts and weird: not too much of a stretch, some would say. But the authors dug a little deeper and found all kinds of local legends, bizarre beasts, surprising cemeteries, and uncovered the best kept secrets from all over the Bay State. If it's unusual or unexplainable or fantastic, and in the Bay State, you'll find it all here.

 Studying Hard

It has been very busy in the library, second term is off and running. Classes have been in, students are working together. The focus this week has been on Chinese and Japanese Imperialism with Ms. Rich's Global Awareness classes. Freshmen Social Studies students are investigating who had a more successful response to imperialism, Japan or China? We are looking at the World History in Context database and how to begin using academic database articles for research!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Mr. Harrigan a study in leadership

Mr. Harrigan along with Ms. Jones and Ms. Napier-Bernstein taught a class on leadership in the library this week. It was a great lesson regarding the trials, tribulations and success of being a strong leader. Students were actively engaged and excited about the lesson!

Rock project

Students continue to write notes of inspiration on rocks for the school wide rock project. It is so uplifting to see the excitement and thoughtfulness of the students as they leave positive thoughts for our community.