Thursday, March 24, 2016

United States of Literature!

 Want to take a cross country trip but do not have time? You can do it through reading!! 

Read your way through America! 

Thanks to Ms. Carrick and Ms. Williams this amazing display has a book for each state. So if you ever wanted to "see" Texas, come check out Friday Night Lights! 
Every want to experience Kentucky? Try reading Trampoline
We have a state for you! 

The Jar of Happiness continues!!! High School students are still filling out what makes them happy! We decided to post from the jar, what people have said in order to spread the happiness around!!!

Friday, March 18, 2016

The Jar of Happiness Continued!!

One of the great things about having the preschoolers every day is being able to apply what we do in preschool to the high school. Last week we read  
The Jar of Happiness / Alisa Burrows
in preschool.
 The preschoolers were so excited to share what makes them happy that we decided to create our own Jar of Happiness for the library. All week preschool students were filling the jar with what makes them happy. As the high school students watched the preschoolers they wanted to contribute as well. We are hoping the Jar of Happiness will spread to all areas of the school and everyone can find a little piece of happiness when they are feeling down!

In other news.....
Ms. Carrick has been working with students who would like to display some of their collections. Each week a different student displays their collection. They are all very unique and show the diverse interests of our student body! Have a collection you would like displayed? Let Ms. Carrick know, whether  you are a student OR teacher, and we would be happy to show it off!!

Students Signing into Study Hall!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Jar of Happiness

This week has been another busy one! We are finishing up English research papers. It is really fascinating to see the evolution of the research paper from the freshman through to senior year. My favorite aspect of working with the students is hearing about what they have chosen to research and feel their passion on a particular topic. It is great to work one on one with them to help guide them towards solid academic resources and to see them begin to piece together research in a way where they can create something new! We are now moving on to history research projects! Happy to have the history classes in the library.
Debate books for Mr. Cuoco's Philosophy "Ethical Debate Project"
Mr. Cuoco's Philosophy Class

This week we are read the book The Jar of Happiness / Alisa Burrows in preschool.
Little Meg fills a jar with all the things that make her happy and shares it with friends and family who are feeling glum. Meg loses her jar of happiness and those around her show her that you can find happiness in other ways! The preschoolers have LOVED the story and we have taken time to discuss the things that make us happy! We are going to create our own Jar of Happiness in the library and all next week the preschoolers will add ideas to the jar on what makes them happy! We are hoping it will instill a positive vibe of love and support for the remainder of the year!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Just Another Busy Week In The Library....

This has been another very busy week with classes, studying and students! This week the focus has been on Senior English classes and their Social Action Research Project. Students work in groups to research a social issue. After studying it's causes. effects, and potential solutions, the groups will presented to an "audience" they have selected. It could be the superintendent of schools, the town planning board or the CEO of a fortune 500 company. I love seeing the various topics they choose to research and how creative they can be with their potential solutions!

Various Pics around the library!!
Little Bit of Scrabble to pass the afterschool hours!
Ms. Tully's AP Environmental Studies Ecotopia Projects!
Ms. Trish reading to the preschoolers!!