Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween!!!!

While there were many great educational happenings in the library this week, this is the time we focus on the pure pleasure of Halloween! What I love about this day in the high school is that our oldest and youngest members of our community are the ones allowed to dress up! It is the seniors time to shine with their creative costumes,
while our preschoolers parade around the school excited to show off their own costumes!

The library is always a hot spot for the seniors to show off their handiwork. We love having them come in and pose for us!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Elements and Compounds!!

This week chemistry classes have been in the library working on their element and compound project. Students have learned how to navigate the databases by beginning with Literati School. Literati provides a great overview on numerous topics. From there it links up to all of our other databases and will bring you right to search results from them. It is a great tool to begin the research process.

One of the many ways the library is used throughout the day. Teachers conferencing with students!

We are so happy to have our Access Students come to the library every day. Aside from checking out books and bringing joy to us all, they help us everyday with library tasks! After a long day we were all getting a little silly and the result was the following photo as the kids were moving the empty water bottles out of the library!!

Friday, October 16, 2015

It's the Great Pumpkins!!!!!

The library was a busy place this week! Between philosophy classes working on their ethical debate project, senior English classes research/writing their argument essays, seniors participating in a
college essay writing workshops AND hosting the results of the first annual Faculty Pumpkin Decorating Contest we were bustling with activity! The Access Program held a fundraiser to raise money for after school activities. Each department decorated a pumpkin and students voted at lunch, the creativity from each department in the school was fantastic and more importantly it was a great community building project for the faculty! While the library pumpkin did not win THIS year, we are happy to report that our Preschool department took top honors with their Minion Pumpkin!!!! We already have our idea for next year!
Some of the pumpkins and the winning Minion!!

The Library Pumpkin! 

Friday, October 9, 2015

Library is a Connection to the Community

This week the library was honored to receive donations from a former student. Bruce D'Agostino '65,  donated a collection of his personal military books to the library. A retired Air Force photographer, Mr. D'Agostino has worked with and met many prominent figures in military history. He has graciously shared some of his collection with the library in the hopes it will connect with the younger generation and educate them on the roles individual and the country has played in military history. He has also offered to speak to classes on his experiences. It was an honor to meet Mr. D'Agostino and spend time hearing his stories.

Mr. Cuoco's philosophy class is working on their ethics
project. In groups, they will form an opinion on an ethical debate and create a project to report back on to their peers. Working with Mr. Cuoco, we pulled a collection of books that work directly with this project as well as teach students how to navigate and search the Opposing Viewpoints Database. This database provides articles on a tremendous amount of topics and will give a pro and con side written by an expert in the field. Coupled with the books, students are able to gather strong research to back up their opinion on the topic of choice.

Look who's here!! One of our favorite former students stopped by the library for a visit!!! Kaiyah Goldsmith '14 home from college for the long weekend, she made a point of coming by and hanging out with us just like she used to for four years while at Natick High!!! We miss her!!

Friday, October 2, 2015

The first full week of school, Open House and classes beginning, it was a very busy week at the library! Freshmen orientation has begun during English classes. I love to watch how the freshmen come into the library that first meeting so young and wide-eyed and after working with them for the year the transformation is amazing! I look forward to the many projects I will be working on with the freshmen English team!

Coloring in the Library

Remember what it felt like to get a new coloring book as a child and a fresh pack of crayons? To open the pages and be able to create a bright new world on paper?
Coloring is a great way to relax the mind and body and yet we abandon it as we get older. Well studies have shown that coloring for teenagers and adults is very beneficial. We have reintroduced the love and art of coloring to the library.
Students and staff are encouraged to grab a coloring sheet, some crayons/colored pencils/markers and find a spot to color! The following article discusses the benefits of coloring!
Coloring isn't just for kids



 Get Your Trivia On

Ms. Williams has started a weekly trivia contest in the library! Each week she will have a question posted at the sign in desk in the library. Students and staff are encouraged to enter a guess and she will draw a name on Friday for a prize. We had lots of success for the first week! This weeks question was:
"What library was featured in the movie Transformers 2?" 
The answer is: Firestone Memorial Library at Princeton University