Friday, October 2, 2015

The first full week of school, Open House and classes beginning, it was a very busy week at the library! Freshmen orientation has begun during English classes. I love to watch how the freshmen come into the library that first meeting so young and wide-eyed and after working with them for the year the transformation is amazing! I look forward to the many projects I will be working on with the freshmen English team!

Coloring in the Library

Remember what it felt like to get a new coloring book as a child and a fresh pack of crayons? To open the pages and be able to create a bright new world on paper?
Coloring is a great way to relax the mind and body and yet we abandon it as we get older. Well studies have shown that coloring for teenagers and adults is very beneficial. We have reintroduced the love and art of coloring to the library.
Students and staff are encouraged to grab a coloring sheet, some crayons/colored pencils/markers and find a spot to color! The following article discusses the benefits of coloring!
Coloring isn't just for kids



 Get Your Trivia On

Ms. Williams has started a weekly trivia contest in the library! Each week she will have a question posted at the sign in desk in the library. Students and staff are encouraged to enter a guess and she will draw a name on Friday for a prize. We had lots of success for the first week! This weeks question was:
"What library was featured in the movie Transformers 2?" 
The answer is: Firestone Memorial Library at Princeton University

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