Friday, September 15, 2017

Summer Reading Sessions!

 Summer Reading!

One of the 11th/12th grade choices
Today we had some great group discussions for summer reading! Students had a choice between three books to read. Discussion groups were randomly assigned based on your book choice, and discussion leaders and assistants lead some great talks! Ms. Carrick is part of the Summer Reading Committee and was instrumental in choosing some great reads this year. Students seemed happy with the choices!













 Library is in Full Swing!

We love how the library is used in so many different ways! Whether it is a class coming down for instruction and work time, teachers one on one conferencing or students working together, it is always an active place!!

Friday, September 8, 2017

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.  

– Beverly Sills


 Working Hard!

Now that we have two weeks under our belts, studying is in full swing! Students are working hard in the library, studying, collaborating, relaxing and settling in! We are excited to work with all of our students this year! 
















Show Your Spirit!

This has been a week full of spirit! Seniors have been filling the hallways and classrooms with their enthusiasm. Each day was a different theme, "Red, White & Blue" "Beach/Summer" "Sports Teams" and ending today with a "Red Out" to celebrate tonight's football home opener! 

Friday, September 1, 2017


“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” 

-William Butler Yeats


The library would like to welcome back all students and staff for another great year at Natick High School! We hope that everyone was able to relax, get outside, enjoy the beautiful weather and read a few books!!

This is a great time as the new year begins to sweep away any old baggage and start fresh! Clean off the desks, the shelves, and the mind, of negative thoughts and people who bring you down and hit the ground running, for a successful and happy year!

We look forward to teaching classes, recommending books, chatting with our students and working hard to make the library a vibrant hub of our community!

Have a great year!!!


Friday, June 9, 2017

"The Long and Winding Road"........


It is hard to believe is the last full week of classes. As students prepare for finals and summer, you can feel a shift in the air. There is energy and excitement, a little nerves and a whole lot of happiness as summer approaches. It has helped that the weather has FINALLY turned more towards summer.
We want to wish all of our students the best of luck on their finals, hope everyone has an amazing summer, and has some great adventures.

Preschool Rocks!

This has been the last week of preschool classes. It has been such a pleasure watching my little preschoolers grow this year. Their love of life, enthusiasm, excitement for reading makes each day a happy one for me! There is nothing better than being able to teach the youngest and oldest students in our community!!!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Congratuations to our Graduates!!!

 Oh The Places You'll Go!

Today is the day our seniors have been working towards for the last four years! It has been a pleasure watching this class grow from nervous, excitable freshmen to confident strong seniors! One of the best parts of our job in the library is the ability to get to know and teach all of the students, so we really feel like we are sending off the whole senior class! Good Luck in all of your endeavors and we will be watching all of your amazing accomplishments!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Junior Book Awards

Congratulations to the juniors who received book awards Thursday. A breakfast ceremony was held in the library to honor our juniors who were recipients of the various awards. These students were thoughtful and articulate in their speeches. Proud of their accomplishments .

The Ones Who Paved the Way

As we move closer to graduation for the class of 2017, Ms. Williams decided to create a display to highlight past classes of Natick High. It is entertaining to watch students engrossed in the yearbooks from the past. Whether they are commenting on the wardrobe ("how could they wear that?!") the hairstyles, ("how could they wear that?!") or the events, ("they had what?!") they still saw the connection between their class and the ones who came before! 

Memorial Day

We would like to take this opportunity to celebrate and remember all those who have died while serving our country.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Reading is Alive and Well at NHS!

Who says students are not reading?!!

Only books left from donation!
Students poring over free books!
Having received a donation of five boxes of books, we decided to put the books out for students and staff to take. To say we were shocked at how quickly the books went is an understatement. Students were pouring over the books, taking many, and sharing which ones they thought looked interesting with their peers. It was exciting to see students enthusiastic about reading for the simple pleasure of reading!!!

Civil Rights In Action!

Ms. Hale's class is working on a Civil Rights Project. Really wanting to emphasis good research skills, students will be using books to locate and analyze information on their specific topics. While at first a little gun shy about the idea, students quickly appreciated the ease at which they could find information and break it down into their own ideas!

Friday, May 5, 2017

The Craft of Writing

Their Eyes Were Watching God Display

Ms. Roger's 11th grade English classes just finished reading Their Eyes Were Watching God and created some amazing visual displays to depict themes and ideas based on the story. The result were some fantastic projects!

Jennifer Rose McMahon Author Visit

Thursday we were honored to host local author and mother to Natick students, Jennifer Rose McMahon as she discussed writer's craft to Ms. Napier Bernstein's Creative Writing classes. Ms. McMahon just published her latest book, Bohermore! The classes were intrigued with her new book and asked great questions regarding her craft. It was a successful event! And Ms. McMahon autographed a copy of her book for Colin Edwards who couldn't wait to read her book! Thank you Ms. McMahon! It's great to see Natick in the news!

Friday, April 28, 2017

AP is in the Air!

Students are taking on the AP's!

It is that time of the year! Students and teachers have prepped, studied, analyzed and argued for the past eight months and are fully prepared to take on the AP Exams! Students have been in the library with last minute studying. We wish them all well and know they are more than prepared and will do great!






Jar of Happiness

This week we are reading the book The Jar of Happiness / Alisa Burrows. The preschoolers love to talk about what makes them happy and what they would put in their own jar of happiness. As a follow up to our story, we have made a Jar of Happiness here in the library and students and staff from our smallest to our seniors are all contributing to what makes us happy!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Themes from Romeo & Juliet were alive in the library this week as Ms. Ouelett's freshmen English class came to choose novels for their outside reading project, looking at themes such as love vs. lust, fate vs. free-will and self vs. family/friends/social expectations, students were thrilled to choose their own books to read. It was so refreshing to see them recommending books to each other, sitting in a corner reading and having fun! We can't wait to see the results of the project. 

Earth Day is April 22nd. We celebrate Earth Day to recognize the need to protect our planet and environment and take a leadership role in creating a better Earth! Ms. Williams created a display from water bottles that were either left on tables or not recycled properly in the last two months in the library. The result is this towering display to show the waste we can stop locally!!

Friday, April 7, 2017

History Coming to Life!

Gender Studies Voices Unheard Living History Museum

Ms. Histen's  class created a living museum in which students became experts on an important historical figure. Students took and acted out the role of this person or taught about this person with the creation of a memorial. Our Living Museum is called Unheard Voices, as students will teach about people who have made history and whose identities are sometimes silenced or misrepresented by historical narratives. 

Many of the historical figures focus on women's and LGBTQ+ rights in the United States and abroad. Examples include: Aung San Suu Kyi, Kathrine Switzer, Geeta Phogat, Billie Jean King, Alan Turing, Sylvia Rivera, and more.

We felt so fortunate to host Ms. Histen and her amazing students. The students were well rehearsed, brave and true to their character. It was an honor to be part of this experience!


Exploring WWII through books

Freshmen classes are diving deep into WWII. Ms. Hale's classes are using books to explore various battles and campaigns of WWII. Students found that the books provided detailed information pertinent to their battle! It was great to see this work.

Friday, March 31, 2017

A Week in the Life......

Just a typical day in CDS!

It is always busy and bustling in the library during CDS. Juniors and seniors who are on priv fill the library working on projects, studying for an exam, relaxing with friends and making our day happy with all of their enthusiasm!!!

Pennies For Patients

Colin Edwards helped out the Pennies for Patients drive by taking the bottle around during CDS and asking for spare change! Because of Colin's commitment to this cause and his strong belief that everyone should be involved we nominated Colin for the weekly "Act of Kindness" award!

Child Growth: How to read to preschoolers

Ms Pandolfo's child growth class is studying what makes a quality picture book. We looked at how to choose picture books that are just right for the target audience based on professional reviews, interest, audience and ability to read out loud! We began the lesson by discussing favorite childhood stories and sharing them with the class.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Home Stretch of English Research Papers!

Junior Annotated Bibliography 

It is the final week of classes for the 3rd term research writing in English! Juniors are reading a specific text, analyzing for various themes and creating an annotated bibliography.

Over 75 English classes have been in the library in the last month learning how to sharpen research skills, create viable search terms, persevere through many searches looking for information to analyze so they can create new knowledge! I am so proud to work with these diligent students and dedicated teachers!

The Joy of a Good Book on a Windy Day!

When it is a cold windy day what do you do? Why you extend story time and do some "independent reading!!" Ms. Morrissey's class enjoying some quiet time reading books to themselves and to each other! 

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Welcome Back!

 Back at it!

February vacation felt a bit more like April vacation with the mild weather. It seems as if the warm temps and days off was what we all needed. We came back to school ready to work and prepare for the long stretch we like to call March!

 Social Action in Action!

This week the English research paper has been about the seniors. For most seniors this will be their last major writing assignment in English as many will go out on internships for fourth term.
The Social Action Project has students look at a 
topic of interest that directly affects the teen population. Topics range from homelessness, to drug use to immigration. In groups, students research their topic gathering background and statistical data and use it to come up with an action plan a group of teens could realistically put into action. They will then "present" it to a predetermined group whether it be school committee, board of selectmen etc. This happens to be one of my favorite projects to work on with the seniors.

Words to Live by: The Beatles

Friday, February 17, 2017

Happy Vacation!

 Going with Google

English classes continue to dominate in the library! While the freshmen have finished up their research lessons, sophomores are moving in. The focus for freshmen year is on the databases, sophomore year we teach students how to be effective seekers of information using Google. With all the information on the web it is so important for our students to get the most out of their searches!



 Preschool Time

Preschoolers are loving their time in the library! Their ability to understand the stories we read together and simply enjoy being read to is the highlight of our day!


Loving the Library

This is how a library should be used! Relaxing, reading and working!!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Focus On Fake News

 Freshmen Research

Third term is off and running and the English research papers are taking a front seat as they all prepare for their third term writing genre. This week the freshmen are focusing on how to evaluate websites and what really is "Fake News" We are using the following article to try and break down what the term "Fake News" really means and how to be educated consumers of information!!
Four Types of Fake News

 Preschooler Corner!

Preschoolers have enjoyed a little lesson on friendship and chocolate with Valentine's Day coming soon! Our focus this week was on sharing!