Friday, April 29, 2016

Welcome Back!

Vacation came at a great time. A warm sunny week filled with outdoor activities and relaxation. It seems as if everyone has come back to school with a renewed vigor and ready to tackle the last two months! One of the nicest aspects about coming back from break are the conversations we have with students and staff where they love to discuss the "great book" they read over break. It inspires us, makes us happy and excited to know about the reading that is happening!

A few examples of books read over vacation from students and staff

The Borden murders: Lizzie Borden & the trial of the century / Sarah Elizabeth Miller

Lost in the Forest / Sue Miller

All-American Boys / Jason Reynolds

Pyongyang  / Guy DeLisle

The Winter People / Jennifer McMahon

Red Queen  / Victoria Aveyard

Glass Sword / Victoria Aveyard

So Far Away / Meg Moore

Friday, April 15, 2016

Internship is Alive in the Library!

We are so fortunate this year to have senior Kiana Harper completing her internship in the library. This is the third year we have hosted an intern and she has been nothing short of fantastic. Her creativity and enthusiasm has been such a welcome addition to the library!

Spine Label Poetry created by Kiana!