Thursday, April 17, 2014


It is here! I think students and faculty are excited for some time off to recharge, refuel and reconnect before heading into the last two months of the school year. The weather has been playing tricks on us and as of yesterday I would have thought we were heading into February vacation instead of April vacation. The library wishes everyone a wonderful and safe April vacation and looks forward to ending the year on a fantastic and warm note!!

Senior Internship
Every year a large number of the seniors at NHS go out on internships for 4th term. Experiences range from working at local elementary schools to interning with physical therapists or surgeons. This year I am very fortunate to have the pleasure of hosting an intern in the library. Sabrina Surin asked if she could intern with us. She has spent the last few years in the library during any of her free time and felt she really wanted to get to know the workings of a school library better. Sabrina has embraced the spirit of internship. She comes to the job everyday with a professional attitude, excited and enthusiastic to take on any of the tasks set before her. She works well independently and has taken on some projects all on her own. It has been a joy having her here and she will be missed when it is over. She has done everything from shelving books, creating slides for the t.v. screens, various displays and checking attendance to reading to the preschoolers, checking in/out books and offering book recommendations to students and staff. Thanks Sabrina! The experience has been as great for us as I hope it has been for you!
Sabrina, NHS Senior & Library Intern!!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Who says students aren't reading?.....And speaking of reading.....The QR Code is back!

This week the majority of the senior English classes began their independent memoir project. Students came to the library to choose a memoir and then, the best part.....they all sat and read for the block. Each student found a nook of the library, put their nose in a book and read. It was such a great scene to witness! Of course what helped was the very generous gift from the class of 2013! Thanks to the 2013 class, the library has four brand new "comfy chairs." These chairs have become an instant hit for two reasons. One they are comfortable to sit in and provide a relaxing place for students to unwind. And two, they each have a small table built into the side where they can place their laptop, books, binders etc. We are so thankful for this beautiful addition to our space!

April is ebook month!! In order to promote our digital library we have gone a bit "old school" and brought back the QR Code!! We have a link to our digital library on our website but as is often the case, students and staff like to browse the stacks and see what books are available. Mr. Wong created QR Codes for many of our ebooks and students can head to the stacks and scan the QR code into their phone with a QR code app. It will then bring them to the log in page and once logged in, right to the book! We are hoping this will provide another way students can access and take advantage of our ever growing selection of ebooks and audio books!

Friday, April 4, 2014

And The Winner Is.........

After weeks of hard fought battles, intense debates, a few cries of indignation...we have finally come to the end of March Madness!!!! And the winner of the 2014 Battle of the Books for Natick High School is..................



It was a close match, The Hunger Games lost out by only four votes! The movie version of the book is set to come to theaters June 6th. If you haven't read the book, do so before the movie comes out! Thank you to all students and staff who participated in our battle....we are looking forward to next year!! 

Today is the last day for all seniors going out on they wrap up their time at Natick High it is hard to believe this time has come. The library staff has watched many of these seniors grow from small freshmen learning to navigate their way through high school to confident, mature seniors, ready to tackle the next step in their lives. To those seniors in particular who have called the library their "home" for the last four years, who have been part of our community and we have gotten to know so well, we will miss you more than you know! Good Luck!!! We are so proud of you!!!