Friday, April 11, 2014

Who says students aren't reading?.....And speaking of reading.....The QR Code is back!

This week the majority of the senior English classes began their independent memoir project. Students came to the library to choose a memoir and then, the best part.....they all sat and read for the block. Each student found a nook of the library, put their nose in a book and read. It was such a great scene to witness! Of course what helped was the very generous gift from the class of 2013! Thanks to the 2013 class, the library has four brand new "comfy chairs." These chairs have become an instant hit for two reasons. One they are comfortable to sit in and provide a relaxing place for students to unwind. And two, they each have a small table built into the side where they can place their laptop, books, binders etc. We are so thankful for this beautiful addition to our space!

April is ebook month!! In order to promote our digital library we have gone a bit "old school" and brought back the QR Code!! We have a link to our digital library on our website but as is often the case, students and staff like to browse the stacks and see what books are available. Mr. Wong created QR Codes for many of our ebooks and students can head to the stacks and scan the QR code into their phone with a QR code app. It will then bring them to the log in page and once logged in, right to the book! We are hoping this will provide another way students can access and take advantage of our ever growing selection of ebooks and audio books!

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