Friday, November 17, 2017


Spirit Week

It's spirit week at NHS and the first two days were quite a success! Student Council put a lot of thought into each day to make a creative and exciting week for our students and staff!

Eva Canino sporting the groufit!

Julia Mariano and Annie Gee in Redhawk Pride!










 Preschool Musings

 This week we are reading the book This Beautiful Day / Richard Jackson in preschool. A beautifully illustrated story about how to create fun on a rainy day. It was an appropriate story given our week of weather.
Prior to the story, one preschooler walked in the library and said, "Miss Tara, the library looks beautiful!" It's the little things that keep you coming back every day!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Moving into November

With the end of the term students are getting in last assignments and studying for tests! The library has been a busy place!!


Sassy has been working hard! She loves visiting North Star and hanging out in the conference room there! She has made some great new friends!

Get on the Bus with John Green!

Hugely popular author John Green has a new book out! Turtles All the Way Down flew off the shelf the minute it came into the library and the wait list is growing! In honor of the popularity of his books and to enter a contest to have John Green skype in a visit to our school, Ms. Williams and Ms. Carrick created this display! Check it out!

Friday, November 3, 2017

Halloween Happenings!!

Halloween was a creative and festive day this year!!! Seniors pulled out all the stops and came up with some fun entertaining costumes! Here is a sample of some of the highlights! Would love to show you the video of our "dominoes" but Blogger will not upload it properly!! But you can check it out on Twitter! Follow @Taralmcd

Friday, October 27, 2017

Pumpkin Madness!

3rd Annual Dept Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Thanks to the ACCESS program for organizing the 3rd annual department pumpkin decorating contest. What a great way to bring the staff together. This year the pumpkins were amazing and though we were sure we had a winner, the math department took home the honors! All pumpkins on display in the library for the next week!!
Library's Pumpkin

Math Dept's Porcupine Winner!






















Preschool Fall Forest

 Last week in preschool we read the book: Full of Fall / April Pulley Sayre. A beautiful picture book about the transition leaves go through from the beginning of fall to winter. To bring the book "to life", we made our own "preschool fall forest" Our littles made leaves for our tree and we will watch them as they begin to "fall" and eventually move into winter where we will replace the leaves with snowflakes!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Libraries: Where Learning Happens!

 Loving Libraries

Studies are showing more and more the importance of libraries and their role in navigating through the vast field of information and tools available. While this article focuses on the public library, it can be applied to the school library as well! Thank you to Ms. Rotkiewicz for sharing!

 Sitting with Sassy!

Sassy has been having a great time coming to school during her training. She is most happy when she is surrounded by our students! And the students have been wonderful to her. They are gentle, caring and excited to see her! And what is best is she comes home and is so exhausted from her day at work she puts herself right to bed! We continue to train and look forward to her time at school!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Check the Tag

Check the Tag Project

What a great week of teaching with the freshmen Global Awareness classes. Mr. Russo and Ms. Hale's Check the Tag project challenges students to look at a clothing brand and determine the company's philosophy and practice regarding social/environmental/civic responsibility. This is one of my favorite projects to work on with the freshmen!

Carve Out Time for Reading

Another creative and brilliant bulletin board put together by Ms. Williams and Ms. Carrick!

Teacher Conferencing

We love to see the library used in a variety of ways and one of our favorite uses is when classroom teachers "conference" with students during the day! 

Friday, October 6, 2017

Redhawk History

What has become the most popular display in the library, the yearbooks continue to fascinate and entertain our students AND community! We are rotating all of our yearbooks in so students can see the lineage of Natick High students! And it was great to see parents browsing through the yearbooks during Open House!




Sassy's Picks

Check out some of Sassy's favorite books in the library! You can tell where her interests lie, she has a one track mind!















White Out!

Seniors are showing their spirit with their new shirts! Love seeing all their excitement this school year.