Friday, October 18, 2013

Around the Library in October!

So far October has been a busy month! Classes have been in the library left and right and books are flying off the shelves. Our online resources are being used consistently and students are in the library morning, noon and night! It is great to see. The following are some highlights!

1. New research platform: Literati school - This beta site, offers one stop shopping for research.  It mind maps search terms, brings all search results to one page, often with a vetted, “wikipedia-like” over view of the topic. Literati will build custom study guides for us, and has a staff of certified teachers who man an after hours tutoring service.
The high school, Wilson and Kennedy are the beta sites for developing content at the middle grade and high school level.  Please take a look at it.

2. Where Have You “Traveled?” Library Assistants Brian Wong and Irene Carrick have created an amazing bulletin board! Read Across America takes you on a trip across the 50 states. Each book’s location is from a different state. Take a look and see how many states you have “traveled” to! Students and staff have been amazed at how many of the books they have already read and one student remarked that she would “travel” to all 50 states by the end of the year!

3. Student Reviews: Throughout the year I will do book talks for classes and one on one when students and staff ask for recommendations. However, students are more apt to read books that their peers have enjoyed. Students are now giving us “Three Word Reviews!” We ask students to describe the book they just read with three words. We will then post their review on the t.v. screens in the library. So now if a student is looking for something to read can look at the screens and see what their peers are reading. The following are a few of our reviews!