Friday, October 4, 2013

Research Rules the Process: The Library and SLRP a natural union!

The past few weeks have been very busy in the library!!
Seniors embarked on their Senior Literacy Research Project (aka SLRP pronounced slurp) last spring.  Upcoming seniors selected two books by an author from an approved list.  After having read the books, students write a five to seven page paper based on a connection between the two. They must develop a question they can argue connecting the two books by theme/topic/issue etc.  Senior English classes have been coming to the library for lessons and instruction on the research process. The theme I stress to the students is the process of research. It is the journey through which we discover information and use it to create new information and/or solve a problem. Research is messy, complicated, and at times overwhelming, but when completed, the sense of accomplishment is supreme! When the emphasis is on the quest, using the research to solve a problem or defend an argument, the final product and the process will be a richer, more rewarding experience. This project is one of the most enjoyable I work on throughout the year. Working with students as they make connections and develop questions they feel passionate about is so rewarding. The collaboration between the English teachers and myself truly shows what a strong school library program can do for a school. Students ability to locate, search and evaluate resources appropriately for academic research and then take that information and create a product is enhanced when classroom teachers and school library teachers collaborate together on the instruction. Whether it is through lessons or one on one conferencing with students, the SLRP gives me a great opportunity to really get to know the seniors and to see their personalities as they develop a research question important to them! 

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