Friday, May 5, 2017

The Craft of Writing

Their Eyes Were Watching God Display

Ms. Roger's 11th grade English classes just finished reading Their Eyes Were Watching God and created some amazing visual displays to depict themes and ideas based on the story. The result were some fantastic projects!

Jennifer Rose McMahon Author Visit

Thursday we were honored to host local author and mother to Natick students, Jennifer Rose McMahon as she discussed writer's craft to Ms. Napier Bernstein's Creative Writing classes. Ms. McMahon just published her latest book, Bohermore! The classes were intrigued with her new book and asked great questions regarding her craft. It was a successful event! And Ms. McMahon autographed a copy of her book for Colin Edwards who couldn't wait to read her book! Thank you Ms. McMahon! It's great to see Natick in the news!

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