Friday, April 17, 2015

National Library Week and Cards for Connor.....

Happy Vacation!!! The Friday before a vacation is always an exciting time! You can feel the energy in the air as students and staff prep for some well-deserved time off. I look forward to catching up on reading some of the new books in the library and we are encouraging all students and staff to come on down and take out/download some books for the week!!!

 National Library Week

This week is National Library Week and we could not have been more surprised and touched by the recognition of our work from the English Dept. Cookies and Cards were dropped off with a huge round of thanks for what we do. THANK YOU ENGLISH is our pleasure to teach and work with such a great department!

Cards for Connor

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone at Natick High School who took the time during our Community Seminar to participate in the "Cards For Connor" I can't tell you how touched Connor and his family (Officer Heffler, Mr. Heffler and brothers Ryan and Evin) were by the outpouring of support from the students and staff. Connor woke up Tuesday March 17th unable to move his legs. He was rushed to Mass General where they removed a massive tumor from his spine. Connor is currently at Spaulding Rehab in Charlestown where he is working really hard to get back the use of his legs. He is fighting hard and ready to kick Cancer's butt!!!

Blog Book of the Week

Nearly Gone / Elle Cosimano
"Nearly Gone" by Elle Cosimano is a dark, edgy, realistic, fast-paced murder mystery set in a high school.  In the words of some goodreads readers, it's "a gritty homage to Nancy Drew with more blood, fewer sweater sets and no penny loafers". This book definately keeps you on the edge of your seat.  Nearly needs to solve a murder mystery and at the same time is trying to lead a normal high school life thinking about school, scholarships, boys and the prom.  She gets caught up in a murder mystery and tries to solve it on her own.  At every turn, you think it's one person, then you read the next page and your theory is disputed. This book kept me guessing until the last page!
Summary: "A math-whiz from a trailer park discovers she's the only student capable of unravelling complex clues left by a serial killer who's systematically getting rid of her classmates.

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