Friday, May 8, 2015

Beautiful Days of May!!!

Well, we have finally had one solid week of beautiful weather and you can sure feel the difference in the atmosphere!! Students and teachers have a lighter step, bigger smiles and everyone is gearing up for the final weeks of school!


AP exams have been happening all week. The final studying in groups and individually has been going on in the library all week as well as testing! We wish all AP students the best of luck! We know their teachers and the library have prepared you well and you will all do great!


The library interns have finished up their hours this week. It has been a joy having Chantal and Fiona working alongside us for the last few weeks. While we taught them the inner workings of a school library, they were able to give us insight to what students are interested in as far as literature, reading and the look and feel of a school library. We wish them the very best in their future endeavors!!! Chantal is heading to North Carolina State and Fiona is going to Mt. Ida.






Student Ryle Thatcher has created some amazing slides for the t.v's. He asked if he could help out in the library and was interested in creating some inspirational slides. We were overwhelmed by his creativity and thoughtful choices!! His slides ranged from why reading is so good for people to how to handle stress. Thank you Ryle!! You knocked it out of the park!!

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