Friday, October 10, 2014

Library as a Seed of Experiment!!

 Last week, Ms. Daley's AP Psych classes were in the library conducting research for their social psychology experiments. Aside from providing the classes resources to gather the background information on topics such as conformity and persuasion, the library has always been a partner in the implementation of the experiments! Students use the library and the library teachers to help them conduct their various experiments. It is always interesting for us to watch the unsuspecting students and staff attempt to figure out what is going on in the library.

The following article clearly supports not only the benefit but the NEED for a strong library program at the high school level for our students. It is so important for students to learn HOW to research effectively and not just rely on the instant gratification from Google. In today's world yes the information is there but it is not so much about finding the information but rather analyzing information and how one uses' it for new knowledge. That is a skill Google can not teach alone.

Book of the Week: A Volcano Beneath The Snow: John Brown's War Against Slavery / Albert Marrin
For history buffs and those interested in a fascinating character, this biography on John Brown traces his life from childhood through his times as a staunch abolitionist. The author paints him as the "father of American terrorism" as his ferocious means to eradicate slavery was by any means necessary. He did however raise questions regarding the treatment of humans that are as pertinent today as they were during his time. This is a fascinating read and one not to be missed!

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