Friday, October 17, 2014

It's Never Too Early to Start Reading!!

It is never too young to share the love of reading with others!!
I had the amazing opportunity to go to Candlewick Press this morning and hear about some of the soon to be published new books. The enthusiasm the editors felt for the new material was contagious and I left their very cool headquarters in Davis Square with a renewed sense of excitement about literature! The best part of the visit was as I was taking notes I had specific students in mind for each book. Whether it was a preschool book some of my littlest visitors would enjoy or a young adult novel I know a certain student would devour, each book had an impact on me. I can not wait to put the books on our shelves. The best surprise was having author/illustrator Matt Tavares as a guest speaker discussing his new book Growing Up Pedro. It is a picture book biography for the middle grades. He discussed how he narrowed his theme of the story, (the focus is on growing up very poor in The Dominican Republic and the bond between Pedro and his brother Ramon, both making it to the major leagues) and how he creates his illustrations. It is an amazing piece of work and brought tears to my eyes!

Author/Illustrator Matt Tavares at Candlewick Press

Book of the Week:

Out of the Easy / Ruta Sepetys

Out of the Easy was our first book for Students as Readers this year! It was recommended by one of our members and is a gripping mystery taking place in the French Quarter of 1950's New Orleans. Josie, the daughter of a prostitute was able to successfully complete high school while raising herself and working non stop as her mother was not much of a role model. She has dreams of escaping New Orleans attending Smith College when she becomes involved in a murder investigation. The author has you completed invested in Josie and the characters that support her. You want to see good happen to Josie. The novel moves quickly and one of the best aspects of the story is the role New Orleans plays. It is just as major a character as the people. This was a fan favorite among our Students As Readers and one I would recommend to anyone who likes a good mystery, strong characters and an intriguing setting!

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