Friday, October 24, 2014

Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow Or EPCOT.......

Mr. Cuoco's Philosophy classes were hard at work this week creating their own versions of a utopian society. My job was to teach students how to find examples of utopian communities in history. I began the lesson with an introduction to EPCOT. Walt Disney proposed to the Florida legislature in 1966, (a few months prior to his death), an idea for his own perfect utopian community. Walt Disney died shorty after his meeting with legislators and his idea of EPCOT was never realized, however elements he envisioned were included in the EPCOT we know today. The following is a link to the article detailing Disney's utopian idea and even cooler, an actual half hour video Walt Disney produced for Florida legislators. Lets here it for primary sources!!!

This week one of the preschool classes had a "mystery reader." Senior Aileen Morley-McLaughlin is in the library frequently during her privs and asked if it would be possible to read to the preschoolers one day! Knowing how much the preschoolers love to have one of the "big kids" read to them and how rewarding the experience would be for Aileen, I jumped at the chance. No one was disappointed! The preschoolers did a great job welcoming Aileen and listening to her read and she was fantastic with them! I love watching the interaction between our youngest and oldest students in the school.



 Book of the Week:

Little Green Peas: A Big Book of Colors / Keith Baker

In keeping with the preschool theme, the book I chose for this week is a beautifully illustrated story about colors. It has been a while since a picture book has excited me this much! Little green peas make their way across the pages to various objects of different colors. The story introduces our youngest readers to colors, seasons and the cuteness of the "little green peas." The colors jump off the pages and the illustrations create a warm feeling for each color. This is a great book to share with a group, one on one and to teach concepts such as colors or seasons. One of my favorites!!!

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