Friday, November 1, 2013

Tricks, Treats & Visits

Disney Princesses, Skittles, Winnie the Pooh characters paraded the hallways for the annual senior Halloween Dress Up Day! It was quite a site to see all of our seniors in their costumes, the library has always been a meeting point for many of the seniors as they do last minute assembling of costumes or meet as a group. We always have a great time taking pictures and seeing the students celebrate this fun day! To top it off the preschoolers came to “trick or treat” in the library. Nothing was cuter than seeing our youngest and oldest students showing off their costumes!
Preschoolers Trick or Treating!

Disney Princesses

In addition to the Halloween festivities the library was so privileged to host another author visit. On Wednesday, best selling Young Adult author and Newton native, Leila Sales skyped into the library and talked to Camille Napier-Bernstein’s creative writing class about what it is like being an author, the writing process and her job as an editor at Penguin Books in New York City. Leila is in her mid twenties and easily related to our students. The students came so prepared for the visit. They had many great questions, had read Leila’s blogs and online writing. Leila has just had her new book This Song Will Save Your Life, released to amazing reviews and is already a best seller: Sixteen year old Elise has never fit in but when she discovers she has talent as an underground disc jockey, her life suddenly changes. This is her third book. Her first book, Mostly Good Girls, was loosely based on her experience at a private school in Boston. Following Mostly Good Girls was Past Perfect, another best seller. This author visit was especially important to me as Leila was a gymnast of mine for many years. Not only is she a terrific writer but she is a fabulous person who is a great role model for the students at Natick High School. 

November is National Novel Writing Month, an event designed to get people to write 50,000 words in 30 days. If you always wanted to tell that story in your head, now is the time. To learn more about it and find out the details check out:

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