Friday, November 21, 2014

Giving Thanks......

At this time of year it is so important to remind ourselves what we have and how we can give back to others. We decided to get back to the basics with this month's board. Ms. Carrick created a "giving thanks" board. Reminiscent of our elementary school days, a huge turkey was on the board and students and staff were asked to fill out a feather with what they were thankful for. Most students were very touched by this and the majority filled out feathers stating their family and friends were what they were thankful for. It is nice to see us all take a minute to calm down with all the hustle and bustle in our lives and reflect on what truly matters!!

Book Blog of the Week:

Mortal Heart / Robin LeFevers

I have been waiting for a year for this book to arrive! The third and final installment in the Grave Mercy trilogy, Mortal Heart follows the story of Annith, one of Death's handmaidens. The book did not disappoint!! This has been a fantastic series and we were so fortunate to have Robin LeFevers come to the library and speak to a class as part of our visiting author series.
Starred Review. Gr 9 Up-This thrilling series conclusion narrates the fate of 17-year-old convent-raised Annith who impatiently awaits her assignment to serve as the god Mortain's Handmaiden of Death. When the Abbess appoints her as Seeress, Annith is even more distraught, knowing that the position will condemn her to a life of celibacy and isolation. Vowing to confront her superior and aided by both the Helloquins (damned souls seeking redemption) and the Arduinnites (protectors of women and innocents), the teen escapes to the Breton court, where Duchess Anne and her followers are strategizing against the invading French. Distressed over her true parentage, Annith finds comfort in the Helloquins leader Balthazar, who has secrets of his own. LaFevers again mesmerizes her readers through the political struggles of 15th-century Brittany and the intrigues of the followers of Mortain. Details of court and village life in 1489 add vitality to the historic background, and back matter will further aid readers' understanding of the times. Clear, fast-paced, dramatic prose reveals the story via short, action-packed chapters, and the expert craftsmanship of the writing is worth savoring. The protagonists' sometimes-contradictory natures enrich their characters, and the intertwined relationships of realistic and Netherworld personages add depth to their personal stories.

Tea with Principal Lee!
The library staff was honored to have tea and discuss the workings and teaching that happens in the library with Principal Lee! It was a great opportunity and we were grateful to be a part of Principal Lee's visit to Natick!
Principal Lee with Natick High School Mandarin Teacher Lei Zhao in library conference room

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