Friday, November 7, 2014

Author Visits!!!

 Students As Authors! Ms. Eriksen's Sociology Students

Winning Sociology Picture Books
It has been a busy week in the library with budding authors abound! This week we were so fortunate to have students from Ms. Eriksen's Sociology class read to the preschoolers. Students assignment was to look at Mass media, specifically books, as one of the main agents of socialization.  As such, students created their own children's books which focused on reinforcing societal norms and values. The classes then voted on the best books, and the winning books are displayed in the library.  The students were given the opportunity to read their books to the preschoolers. Most of the students took advantage of this and the preschoolers were THRILLED to have the "big kids" read to them. They had questions for them about the books and a great time was had by all!!!
Seniors Dakota Bryon & Valerie McMahon
Senior Leah White
Senior Brandon Thornhill

Author Visit with Lisa Maxwell
Author Lisa Maxwell

As part of our visiting author series, Ms. Carrick arranged for author Lisa Maxwell to Skype into the library with Ms. Napier-Bernstein's Creative Writing Class.  Lisa just released her first book "Sweet Unrest" to amazing reviews. Lisa began the session by telling the class she  always loved books and always loved reading so she decided to write one! Lisa discussed with the students how much revising goes into writing a story and that most of it happens after the book has been bought by a publisher! The students had amazing questions for her and focused many of their questions on character development. One student commented that what really stood out for her from Lisa's talk was when Lisa said, "it's okay to not be ready" when it comes to writing. She did not begin writing until she was 30. The student said it felt as if a weight was off her shoulders knowing it is not something she HAS to do as soon as school is completed. I was so impressed with the students enthusiasm and maturity during the discussion! It was a rewarding experience for all and we are so excited about our continued success of author visits at the library!! THANK YOU to Ms. Napier-Bernstein who had her students read an excerpt from the book, complete a lesson connected to it and had questions prepared! It made all the difference!!





Book of the Week

Sweet Unrest / Lisa Maxwell

"When seventeen-year-old Lucy Aimes moves to New Orleans and meets Alex, a boy who behaves as if they've known each other forever, she becomes caught up in a centuries-old vendetta" This book was filled with mystery, suspense, love and intrigue. I found it to be a cross between Beautiful Creatures and Into the Easy. I originally picked it up because the author Lisa Maxwell was Skyping into the library and I wanted to be prepared. I am so glad I did. It was a fun read and one that held my interest from beginning to end! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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