Friday, March 28, 2014

Working together....Art Extraganza and the Library!

It was a busy week in the library, MCAS make-ups, classes researching urban issues relating to the recent reading of All Souls / Michael MacDonald. Seniors are choosing a topic that affects teens such as gun violence, poverty and teen pregnancy. They have to gather data and then create a potential solution or program to combat the issue.

In addition, Thursday was the Natick Public Schools Art Extraganza! For the second year in a row the district has created a night to celebrate the arts in our schools. Students from all schools celebrated at the high school through various forms of art. Chorus and bands performed from the elementary level through high school. Dancing was showcased  and art work in all forms played a prominent role. The library partnered with the Art Departments and held the Middle school/High school art reception in the library along with various performances such as the Speech Team from the high and the ever popular Brown School 4th grade Rhythm Ostinato! The art work displayed in the library has brightened up the space and is gathering a ton of foot traffic as high school students are coming in to show their friends their pieces! It has been a big success!!

Art Work By High School Students

Art Work By Middle School Students

How important is sleep and literary productivy? Well according to these varies! The board below is based on the sleep habits of some famous authors and how many pieces of writing they have published. Word of note....Ellen Hopkins was GREAT! Library Assistant Brian Wong emailed her to ask what time she wakes up in the morning and she responded immediately!! Got to love that!!
Created by Brian Wong

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