Friday, March 14, 2014

Madness is not limited to basketball!!!!

Another Friday....another frigid day in New England!! Someday soon it will have to nice out...until then....we will focus on something else...and that my the madness of March!!! In order to take our minds off of the snow, cold temps and general grayness of the month, we decided to hold our own March Madness in the library. Wish I could take credit for this great idea, but many libraries have been doing it for years! So while the NCAA basketball tournament is one of my favorites, GO UMASS!! I hope you make it in this year,...the library decided to focus on the Battle of the Books. The staff came up with our brackets and the voting began yesterday. WOW, we have been inundated with students and staff who are angry, frustrated and concerned over the pairings!! "How dare we pair Hunger Games vs. Divergent or Eleanor & Park vs. The Fault in Our Stars?!!!" WE LOVE IT!! The conversation and debates over which books to vote for has been fantastic!! Can't wait to see how this plays out!! We will keep you posted!!!
Student voting for her top picks!

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