Friday, January 10, 2014

A New Year! Time To Read!!

Happy New Year!!! Coming back to school after a well needed, wonderful vacation I am ready to jump back in and begin the year! The vacation is always a great time to catch up on some reading and I finished two great books.  

Running Lean / Diana Sharpes "Told from their separate viewpoints, Calvin Greenlee copes with grief over his brother's recent death by racing his vintage Yamaha on rural North Carolina streets while his girlfriend, Stacey Youngblood, battles anorexia, and their relationship may not survive the strain." 

 And I finally sat down and read Grave Mercy / Robin LaFevers. Robin LaFevers gave a great presentation to some of our students last year and those that had read the book LOVED it! "Seventeen-year-old Ismae avoids an arranged marriage by making a place for herself at the convent of St. Martin, where she learns of her unique gifts and must determine whether she will be trained as an assassin and serve as a handmaiden to Death."

There are so many movies coming out based on some amazing books. The following is a list of the "Ten Books you Need to Read Before You Watch The Movies" (Note: some have already come on the big screen.)
Ten Books You Need to Read Before You Watch the Movies

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