Thursday, March 2, 2017

Welcome Back!

 Back at it!

February vacation felt a bit more like April vacation with the mild weather. It seems as if the warm temps and days off was what we all needed. We came back to school ready to work and prepare for the long stretch we like to call March!

 Social Action in Action!

This week the English research paper has been about the seniors. For most seniors this will be their last major writing assignment in English as many will go out on internships for fourth term.
The Social Action Project has students look at a 
topic of interest that directly affects the teen population. Topics range from homelessness, to drug use to immigration. In groups, students research their topic gathering background and statistical data and use it to come up with an action plan a group of teens could realistically put into action. They will then "present" it to a predetermined group whether it be school committee, board of selectmen etc. This happens to be one of my favorite projects to work on with the seniors.

Words to Live by: The Beatles

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