Friday, November 18, 2016

 A Review of Literature: Annotated Biology Project

This week I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Tully's biology classes for their year long biology project. This is one of my favorite collaborations of the year. Students choose a topic they are passionate about that relates to any aspect of biology. They spend the next few months researching, analyzing and developing an argument on their topic. I love the freedom of being able to look at biology from any lens they choose. It creates a more personal and enjoyable experience for students and teachers! While in the library, students begin the research process, developing topics, finding search terms and using credible sources to find academic information. They will then use Noodletools to create their annotated bibliography.

 To Be Thankful

This has been a long week at school and just when you think you may not make it to the end  you remember why we do this. Working with children is truly rewarding! The  preschoolers have been so enthusiastic over the books we have been reading together lately. They recall the stories and like to share their favorite parts of previous books. Thursday Ms. Morrissey and Ms. Toomey's class lifted my spirits with their letters of thanks!

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