Friday, May 27, 2016

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!

The feel of summer is in the air!! Memorial Day weekend is just about here. It is the official last day for our seniors and the weather is finally warm!!! There is definitely an air of excitement and happiness at school as we all prepare for the last few weeks of this year.

The library had a the distinct honor this week of being presented a beautiful gift from the class of '65. Last year, the 1965 graduating class had their 50th reunion and part of their weekend-long festivities included a tour of the new school. The class was so impressed with the library they wanted to make a gift donation. After careful thought they decided on something that would last "throughout time," and this week we were honored to accept a beautiful clock that will watch over the library for decades to come! On behalf of the class of '65, Nancy Carr and Dzintars Rozitis presented myself and principal Brian Harrigan with a beautiful clock. We are so thankful for such a nice donation and believe it will be a beautiful permanent fixture to our library!

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