Friday, November 6, 2015

Look What's Pulling in to Preschool?!!

It has been quite a week! The term ends today and students have been working hard in the library to make sure they are all caught up with assignments. It has been very busy and I think we are all adjusting to daylight savings as well. It is hard to believe it is already November and only three weeks until we are out for Thanksgiving Break.

In order to celebrate our Native American heritage and culture that is so rich in Massachusetts and in particular Natick, we have created a display in the front windows.

The Library is mobile and is chugging into Preschool!! The last three years the high school library has had a wonderful partnership with preschool. Preschool classes come to the library once a week for story time. Students are read two books, learn about the library and begin a curriculum about authors, illustrators and genres of books. Over the years we have built and continue to build an extensive collection for our preschoolers, preschool teachers and high school students who take the child development classes. With so many rich books we would like to see in our youngest students hands, Ms. Williams proposed a traveling library to preschool. The brainstorm resulted in our "Library Locomotive!" Every two weeks, Ms. Williams will be donning her conductor's hat and delivering stacks of library books to each preschool class. Students and teachers will be able to use the books in their classroom and have exposure to many more titles than what we can do during story time! We are so excited about this new endeavor and can't wait to see the preschoolers faces as we chug into preschool!
And who knows.....perhaps high school teachers will see it and will want a delivery of books to their classroom! We would love to do that as well!!!

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