Friday, March 20, 2015

Google It..

Another week in March has come to an end, another week of cold and some snow, it feels like the winter that will not end, but here's hoping the first day of spring will bring with it the beginning of nicer weather!!

 How to Google with Google!

It was with delight and some patting on the back if I do say so myself, that I opened this month's School Library Journal and saw the article regarding teaching students how to search effectively in Google! The last two weeks have been devoted to teaching sophomores research skills needed for their English research paper. Having completed the unit on database searching for sophomore chemistry, I worked with the sophomore English team to develop a lesson that would compliment what I had already taught the sophomores and would add another tool in their toolbox. I have to say this has turned into one of my favorite lessons. I loved seeing the article in School Library Journal because it confirmed for me that we are on the right path at Natick High. We are raising the research skills of our students to prepare them for higher level thinking and creating!


Blog Book of the Week

Paper Covers Rock / Jenny Hubbard
A book both disturbing, and thought provoking Paper Covers Rock in some ways reminds me of a more modern day The Chocolate War. The all boys boarding school setting, the pressure to fit in, to be an individual but not a complete individual that draws too much attention. It makes you think about choices, and consequences and the impact that can have, sometimes permanently. A sad and chilling tale of adolescence. 
Summary: In 1982 Buncombe County, North Carolina, sixteen-year-old Alex Stromm writes of the aftermath of the accidental drowning of a friend, as his English teacher reaches out to him while he and a fellow boarding school student try to cover things up.

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