Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Vacation!!!

Well, It has been hard to be from MA this winter! Every time we turn around there is another storm hitting us! Out for two days this week and with vacation beginning today, I am looking forward to a restart! But despite Mother Nature trying to take us down, there were some great things happening in the library this week!!

One of my favorite projects is the annual chemistry paper. I have had the pleasure of teaching multiple chem classes this week regarding how to locate academic resources tied to a topic of their choice around chemistry. This project is one where one can see the personality of students come out!
Students can choose any topic they are interested in that can be tied to chemistry. Topics range from forensics, to music therapy to protein powder and the body. I love watching the ideas come alive, being able to direct students to the databases that will work best for each topic and see how their idea develops into a full blown paper! And working with the chemistry teachers is always a treat. I feel like the students really become excited about the project because their teachers feel passionate about it.

As we move on to February vacation, I hope everyone survives the next few storms, we are after all New Englanders and we can handle this. Let there be good reading, exciting books and great conversation for your time off!!!

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