Friday, January 30, 2015


Well, it was a quiet week at school, seeing as Juno, Blizzard 2015 hit!! Off Tuesday and Wednesday with over two feet of snow, the Blizzard of 2015 seemed as if it came out of nowhere! We were on the fast track of having no snow days and getting out in early June!!
And with more snow potential for next week we could have a historic winter season! This is what it looked like out one of the library windows! While it is just a drift and the snow was not actually that high, it shows the kind of storm we had!!

Seeing as we didn't have much school this week, classes scheduled for library visits were pushed back until next week. I will be working on website evaluation with some Freshmen English classes. We will go over the 5 W's to determine if a website should be used for academic research. Students will then evaluate a website and determine if it is a legitimate source for research! It is a fun lesson and one I think really drives the point home about not believing everything you read on the web!!
The link to the 5 W's is here: 5 W's Website Evaluation

Blog Book of the Week
The Impossible Knife of Memory / Laurie Halse Anderson
Laurie Halse Anderson is an iconic young adult author. Her novel Speak has won numerous awards as well as being included in many high school curriculum. She knows how to portray her characters as real adolescents and capture their emotions. Her latest, The Impossible Knife of Memory is no different. Haley's dad has witnessed many horrors in the war and their attempt to move back to his hometown and begin a "normal" life proves to be more difficult than either expected. The story really brings out the suffering of PTSD by war veterans and a teens desperate attempts to hold her family together and be the caregiver when the parent is unable to do so. The characters are real, the emotions raw and exposed and the story flows. A page turner and a great read!

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