Friday, May 23, 2014

Do You Judge A Book By It's Cover?.....And Is That Okay?

We all have done it...browsed through countless books, trying to make a decision. How do we narrow it down? Where should we start? How bout the covers? I know I tend to let the covers sway me when I am looking for something to read. Unless I go in with a specific book in mind, I will begin my search with covers that speak to me. I think we try really hard to teach our youth not to make judgements on the physicality of anyone or anything but the reality is, we have to start somewhere and often times we look at the physical first. Books are no different!

Library assistant extraordinaire Brian Wong recreated an amazing display depicting the reimagined covers of some bestsellers and classics from Matt Roeser of Candlewick Press. Mr. Wong's display and the tumblr where Matt Roeser has his suggestions for new covers are below!

This is a great article reinforcing how covers impact our choices! Young adults are drawn to book covers they can relate to and are "current." Reading the article you can see how the same book with two different covers, one updated, one the original, makes a significant difference!
Academic OneFile - Document

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