Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Vacation.......snowy and otherwise....

Well, the day before February Vacation!! I am hoping when we return it will be to milder temps and NO SNOW!! This winter is one for the books...I know it is New England but enough is enough. It is difficult to put a positive spin on much of anything with the frigid temps and the constant snow. However, with the early release yesterday, I was able to finish Fangirl / Rainbow Rowell. I loved Eleanor and Park, and didn't think this one would live up to E & P, but wow!! This was fantastic! The perfect way to ride out another crazy snow storm!!!

Chemistry at the Interface!

Aside from snow and snow and more snow, the library has been unbelievably busy this week with Chem Classes. It is that time of year, all chemistry classes are taking on their research project. One of the best collaborations I work on all year is this project. Students are asked to research anything that interests them that has a tie to chemistry. This can be topics from Green Chemistry, to a famous chemist to performance enhancing drugs. The students need to make the connection to what they have studied in chemistry. I love working with the classes on how to find high academic level resources through our databases and using our new resource Literati. The classes are required to pull from the library resources and apply the research they find in our databases to their project. It is exciting to watch as they begin to understand the vast amount of high level resources they have access to. Their final products are always great to read but I am always impressed with the road map they use to develop a topic, gather the research, analyze the data and create something new!

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